Toenail Laser Treatment melbourne

Toenail Laser Treatment

‘A drug-free toenail treatment that actually works’

Many people with a fungal infection in their toenail give up trying to treat it after creams and medications are unsuccessful. Thankfully modern lasers can now provide drug free relief with only a few treatments.

How does Toenail Laser Treatment work?

A fungal infection in the toenail or onychomycosis, is quite common being found in about 10% of the population. If your nails come in contact with the fungus it is easy for the infection to grow as the toenails receive poor blood flow, making it hard for your immune system to fight the infection off.

The toenail laser treatment works by using a targeted wavelength of laser energy that absorbs in the fungus. This essentially heats the fungus up and kills it whilst leaving your nail and surrounding soft tissue unharmed.

The treatment is quick and comfortable, usually requiring a few visits to completely kill off the infection. Once the fungus has been killed, your healthy nail will start to regrow as normal and the thickened, damaged nail will slowly break off.

Is Toenail Laser Treatment effective compared to other methods?

The two traditional ways to treating a fungal infection in the nail is with a topical cream or oral medication. The topical creams are ineffective in most cases with only about 5% of patients being cured by using creams alone.

Oral medications are more effective – probably working in about 50% of cases. However many of the drugs to pose serious side effects such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, liver damage and may also contribute to birth defects under long courses of treatment.

If your nails have had an ongoing infection then creams and medications are far less likely to be effective.

Fortunately toenail laser treatment is usually effective with only three to four sessions over a month to eliminate the infection. Once the laser treatment has started it is wise to eliminate any sources that could recontaminate your nails – disinfect or change your socks, shoes and sheets!

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