Frequently Asked Questions

What does holistic aesthetics even mean?

Holistic aesthetics is a non surgical approach to skin and anti-ageing treatments and a drug-free way to manage infections.

By choosing to avoid neurotoxic injectables, harsh chemical fillers and instead using biocompatible products we are combining science and nature to allow our patients to have the best possible outcome.

Are laser treatments painful?

Laser treatments are comfortable for most people, the feeling of the laser is warm/hot on the skin. Depending on the treatment there can be a sensation similar to a mild sunburn for a couple of days – particularly if you have had the laser on the face.

At Laser + Holistic Aesthetics, we always want our clients to be comfortable so we will adjust the laser settings to suit your needs.

How long will it take until I see results?

Results vary on the person and the type of procedure that you will be having. Usually, you will see a change immediately after the procedure but the final results can take several weeks to allow for the collagen to reform.

How long does laser treatment take?

The length of treatment depends on the procedure that you are after.
Some treatments, for an example, laser wart removal can be as little as 5 minutes whereas most cosmetic procedures would take closer to an hour.

Why not come in for a free consultation with our aesthetics clinician and you will receive a detailed treatment plan.

Will I peel after the laser treatment? If so, what would you recommend?

Peeling is quite common after the cosmetic procedures – this is just a sign that the old skin is being replaced by new, healthy skin.

Don’t be alarmed, it is natural. Treat it as you would treat your skin after a sunburn. Keep it moisturised and out of the sun!

Why should I chose a 4D Facelift rather than injectables?

The 4D Facelift uses advanced laser technology to focus on every layer of the skin. By using 4 different types of laser modes, experience tightening, lifting, volumisation and low-downtime without any injectables or surgery.

How long will my laser treatment last?

At Laser + Holistic Aesthetics, we focus on how the skin relates to your internal body. Many factors can contribute to how long a laser treatment will last, including how much you exercise, the elasticity in your skin, your age and diet.

Our aesthetic clinician will be sure to let you know during your free consultation!

How long will it take to see results?

Results will vary based on individual factors like skin type and genetics, along with the type of procedure that you will be having. Many factors can contribute to how your collagen will reform.

Our aesthetics clinician will evaluate this for you and let you know during your consultation.

If I need multiple treatments, how far apart should each session be?

It depends on what procedure you are getting. For example scar removal depends on your type of skin and how deep the scar is. It normally takes 3-6 sessions.

This will be assessed during your consultation.

What is the downtime after my treatment?

During your free consultation, our aesthetics clinician will inform you of the downtime that you will need as it varies from each procedure.

Following your treatment, you will receive a detailed aftercare document outlining your routine for the next few days.

Generally speaking, a 4D Facelift for example requires no downtime as there is no pain. Some people may decided to have ‘social downtime’ for a couple of days while they wait for any redness to subside.

Can you treat pregnant women?

We will only treat the facial area with a laser on pregnant women. This will be evaluated during your free consultation.