laser and holistic dental

Laser + Holistic Dental combines advanced technology and technical expertise, creating a unique, science based approach to Holistic dentistry. Healing dental disease requires a broader understanding of one’s health – the mouth is merely one piece of the puzzle.

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smart certified mercury amalgam removal melbourne

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

Laser + Holistic Dental is proud to be the first SMART certified dental clinic in Australia. Protecting our patients, our staff and the environment from harmful mercury exposure is our priority.

Laser Root Canal Therapy

For a fast and highly effective root canal, Laser + Holistic Dental uses laser technology to eliminate infection and avoid the need for root canal retreatments.

NightLase Laser Snoring Treatment

NightLase is a massive step forward in treating snoring – quick and comfortable appointments, non-surgical, walk-in, walk-out and highly effective.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Laser + Holistic Dental uses a metal free approach all of our cosmetic dental treatments for bio-compatible, brilliant smiles.

Invisalign & Holistic Orthodontics

Invisalign combined with dento-facial orthopaedics is the preferred orthodontic approach at Laser + Holistic Dental – avoiding the need for invasive surgery and delivering balanced, attractive smiles.

Safe Teeth Whitening

Professional laser teeth whitening and high quality gels are the best way to get a beautiful white smile, without sensitivity or enamel damage.