Laser snoring treatment melbourne

Laser Snoring Treatment

‘Sleep quietly without surgery or CPAP machines’

Snoring can put great strain on relationships, and is the main warning sign when it comes to sleep breathing disorders like sleep apnoea.

How does laser snoring treatment work?

Laser snoring treatments have been available in Australia for only a few years. Our partner business – Laser + Holistic Dental is one of the most experienced clinics in Australia when it comes to laser snoring treatments.

Laser snoring treatments are a modern solution to treating snoring. With no surgery, mouth splints or bulky CPAP machines, you can sleep more quietly, and wake more refreshed.

The snoring sound is caused by vibrations in the soft tissue when the airway becomes partially blocked. The treatment works by using laser energy to target the soft tissue in the back of the throat. The laser gently heats the tissue, triggering a healing response that leads to new collagen tissue being produced – tightening up the tissue and improving the airway volume.

For the treatment to be effective the Laser + Holistic Dental team has found at least three treatments are needed for quiet snoring, and for more typical louder snoring at least five laser treatments are required. Read more about the treatment here.

How effective are laser snoring treatments?

As with any laser treatment – there are individual factors that come into play. For laser snoring treatments, most people will see a significant improvement by the time they have completed a full course of treatment.

Based on researched published to date – laser snoring treatments are effective based on:

  • over 95% of patients recognised improvement in their snoring symptoms.1
  • more than 80% of patients reported being able to breathe easier after the treatment.1
  • Over 80% of patients reported higher levels of alertness and focus after the treatment.2
  • The average improvement in symptoms was average 85%.3
  • Positive benefits were shown in long term assessment up to 36 months later.3
  • All clinical studies reported no adverse outcomes.3

Laser snoring treatments are not an instant fix – you cannot expect great results without a full course of treatment.

We recommend that you read ‘Five key things you need to know before starting the NightLase Laser Snoring Treatment’ to learn more about what to expect.


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