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Laser Freckle Removal

‘For the clear, even skin you’ve been wanting’

Although freckles are normal and usually harmless, for some they can be a source of embarrassment, especially towards the end of summer when the appearance of freckles are usually the most intense.

Some people will prefer to have their freckles removed for cosmetic reasons – and lasers are the best way to do that.

Why do I have freckles & what can I do about them?

Freckles are the skin’s reaction to sunlight. When human skin is exposed to UV it produces the pigment melanin to darken the skin and protect it from UV damage. Normally melanin spreads evenly through the skin creating a ‘tan’, but sometimes it will clump together creating freckles.

Freckles are more common in those with light coloured skin who are more susceptible to UV damage.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your freckles they can be safely removed using modern laser technology.

How does Laser Freckle Removal work?

With modern lasers it is possible to use only certain wavelengths of energy that target the skin cells with excess melanin i.e. the freckles. This means that the laser energy is absorbed in the freckles but not in the healthy, normal skin.

The laser energy breaks up the clumps of melanin to remove the appearance of the freckles. This is very similar to how lasers can remove tattoos.

What will the Laser Freckle Removal treatment be like?

The sensation of a laser treatment will depend on the procedure. For laser freckle removal treatments, the method is similar to skin resurfacing treatments.

No anaesthetic is needed for the vast majority of patients so it is safe to say that laser skin resurfacing is more comfortable than many other methods. Most patients describe the feeling as warm, where they can feel the laser energy heating the skin which then creates a subtle tightening effect.

Once the treatment is over – the sensation is similar to a mild sunburn for a few days. Expect a little redness and swelling, along with a feeling of tightness in the skin.

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