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Laser Skin Resurfacing

‘Even tone, smooth surface – for a fresh & youthful look’

Laser skin resurfacing treatments are a quick and comfortable way to turn back the clock – bringing back smooth and supple skin like you used to have!

Another bonus is that treatments normally will not require anaesthetic, injections or any down time.

About Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments:

Lasers are a modern alternative to traditional skin resurfacing methods like dermabrasion and chemical peels. The major advantage of laser skin resurfacing is that the laser allows your skin care professional a very high level of control. By using certain lasers it is possible to control the depth that the laser energy penetrates the skin – stimulating a rejuvenation reaction.

The laser energy triggers your body to produce new skin with high levels of collagen and elastin – the two main parts of the skin that break down with age leading to lines and wrinkles.

What does a laser skin resurfacing treatment feel like?

No anaesthetic is needed for the vast majority of patients so it is safe to say that laser skin resurfacing is more comfortable than many other methods. Most patients describe the feeling as warm, where they can feel the laser energy heating the skin which then creates a subtle tightening effect.

Once the treatment is over – the sensation is similar to a mild sunburn for a few days. Expect a little redness and swelling, along with a feeling of tightness in the skin.

What is the recovery time for a laser skin resurfacing treatment?

This will vary from case to case as everyone has different skin types. Generally speaking there will be redness for a couple of days before things ease off and the skin starts to regenerate.

For the best results possible, it is very important to look after the new skin by avoiding sunlight and protecting the surface with special moisturisers.

Our experts will discuss this in more detail for you at your free consultation.

Who might consider Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Anyone who wants to have a more youthful looking complexion without having to resort to harmful injectables and fillers.

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