Laser Sun Spot Removal melbourne

Laser Sun Spot Removal

‘Reverse the symptoms of sun damage’

Modern lasers can effectively target the sun spots themselves, leaving healthy skin alone whilst breaking down the pigment in the spots for clearer, younger looking skin.

What causes sun spots to develop?

As the name suggests – sun spots are the cause of too much UV exposure. They are very similar to freckles in the sense that the spots are clumps of the pigment melanin.

Generally speaking, sun spots are harmless and are only removed for cosmetic reasons. However in rare cases what may start as a sun spot can develop into skin cancer. If the appearance of the spot has recently changed then it is recommended to have it assessed by a medical professional.

How does Laser Sun Spot Removal work?

The laser sun spot removal process is very similar to freckle removal treatments and uses the same principles as laser tattoo removal. The light energy from the laser is targeted at darker pigments which leaves normal skin alone.

By targeting the darker pigments the laser draws the imperfections to the skin’s surface where the cells are replaced by newer, healthier cells without the pigment irregularities.

The treatment is non-invasive and comfortable, with no anaesthetic or down time required.

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