Laser Wart Removal melbourne

Laser Wart Removal

‘Quick wart removal with fast healing and no scarring’

Warts are caused by a viral infection that is usually harmless, but can often be a source of embarrassment.

What caused the warts and how can I treat them?

Warts are caused by a virus – usually related to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and are very common. Most people will experience an outbreak of warts at least once in their lifetime.

Typically the virus will come in contact with damaged skin where it can easy invade the skin cells and start replicating itself. The outcome of this is a fleshy lump that is normally harmless but can be quite contagious.

Most people will prefer to deal with warts quite quickly to stop them spreading to any other parts of the body. This can be done in a number of ways, such as laser wart removal, freezing, chemical burns or surgical removal.

How does laser wart removal compare to other treatment methods?

As there are a large range of different warts, the treatment methods can vary. Laser wart removal is most effective for widespread warts or those that are large and have not responded to other treatment methods like liquid nitrogen freezing or chemical burns.

The laser wart removal procedure uses an ablative laser mode, which uses light energy to cut through the wart, kill any infected tissue and seal up the wound to prevent bleeding.

In most cases the laser wart removal is successful with only one treatment and will not leave any scars. Because laser wart removal is so quick, and generally painless it is a great treatment option for children.

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