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Laser Vein Removal

‘Clear up unattractive veins with modern laser technology’

Spider veins are tiny, superficial veins usually just below the skin surface found on the legs and face.

With modern laser technology they can be removed for cosmetic reasons without harming any healthy tissue.

How does laser vein removal work?

Using the Nd:YAG wavelength, our laser clinicians can direct the laser energy into the spider veins. This creates heat and breaks down the vein walls which are then absorbed back into your body in the same way as a bruise. Any major veins, other blood vessels and healthy skin do not absorb the laser energy at this wavelength so they are left unharmed.

All healthy blood vessels continue to support the skin, and apart from some minor redness in the area for a few days – the treatment is painless.

Does laser treatment work on all types of veins?

Laser treatments are ideal for treating cosmetic conditions like spider veins, rosacea and vascular lesions like hemangioma and angioma. The laser works in a similar way by using a targeted wavelength depending on the sorts of tissue being treated. This breaks down the lesion and allows the body to heal it with normal cells.

Major vein treatments like those on varicose veins are more difficult and are relatively invasive. Laser treatments for varicose veins normally involve cutting an incision into the vein and then inserting a laser probe into the blood vessel to seal the vein from the inside out.

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