Cold Sore Laser Treatment melbourne

Cold Sore Laser Treatment

‘Laser treatments for fast healing before or after an outbreak’

Cold sores are painful and often embarassing – caused by an outbreak of the herpes simplex virus. Laser cold sore treatments offer a fast and comfortable treatment to fight off the virus.

What causes a cold sore outbreak?

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus which usually activates during periods of stress and sickness when your immune system is struggling.

The sores can be very painful and are normally found around the mouth and genital regions. Often people will start to experience a tingling sensation when the virus is in the prodromal stage – right before the outbreak occurs.

When the virus becomes active the cold sores normally last about 10 days if left untreated.

How effective is a cold sore laser treatment?

Laser treatments are very effective for treating cold sore outbreaks. Clinical research on the topic found that lasers were effective for treating patients during the prodromal stage before the outbreak and also during the outbreak.

When patients were treated before the cold sores had formed, the outbreak severity was reduced and typically lasted only two days before the sores had healed. For patients who had laser treatment after a cold sore outbreak – 90% of those had the sores heal within 48 hours of treatment. The remaining 10% of patients – the sores healed within 4 days – significantly less time than when the virus was left untreated.

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