laser body sculpting melbourne

Laser Body Sculpting

‘Toned & tight all over’

Laser body sculpting is a great alternative to invasive surgical methods and lipolysis treatments with fast, long-lasting results.

What can Laser Body Sculpting do?

The aim of laser body sculpting is to create a more toned, contoured look without the need for cosmetic surgery like liposuction. Generally speaking, laser body sculpting works by targeting fat cells under the skin. By destroying these cells with a special laser wavelength your body can flush out the waste products and then tighten up the tissue.

Laser body sculpting is especially effective for fat deposits on the stomach, waist, thighs and buttocks. These sorts of laser body sculpting treatments are highly effective at treating cellulite.

How does Laser Body Sculpting compare to other treatments?

Laser body sculpting is a comfortable and effective alternative to treatments like surgical liposuction and chemical based methods like mesotherapy and lipolysis.

Laser body sculpting is a comfortable procedure with mild sensations of heat and tingling whilst the laser works at breaking down your fat cells. When compared to other methods like liposuction, laser treatments are more affordable, do not require anaesthetic, surgery or any time in a hospital.

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